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Axel Zielke believes:

«When I started my new job as an artistic director for music at a cultural institution, I was faced with a wide variety of tasks: booking, event coordination, public relations, human resources management, developing event concepts and many other. A job profile like that requires a great deal of discipline and ideally structuring one's work. Things can easily get out of hand if you lose track.

Two long talks with Frank Petermann helped me to get a clear view of my job's and the company's complex structures. These insights helped me to develop a more efficient way of working and setting priorities.

Frank Petermann repeatedly used fitting metaphors in the sessions that helped me to understand complex situations quickly. I would particularly like to emphasize his exceptional ability to immediately identify the weak points in a working structure. This enabled me to review individual aspects of my job swiftly, rather than hastily.»

Axel Zielke, Art Director for Music

Peter Speckhahn-Hass summarizes:

«I used to work for a personnel consultancy and knew Frank Petermann through team supervision sessions. That is twelve years ago now.

Today, I am the managing director of two engineering companies with 60 employees and a third one is currently being founded. I have been in leadership supervision and management consultancy sessions with Frank Petermann ever since. But that would be cutting it too short.

The success of my business is based on successfully dealing with employees and creating a pleasant atmosphere in the company. It is difficult to describe what constitutes the "core" of business success; but in any case, it lies in the relationship to and among employees. A critical and unsophisticated reflection on myself are a part of that.

I recognize more of myself and others I have to deal with in my regular work with Frank Petermann. Which was hard work in the fields of personnel development, organizational development and corporate psychology, especially in the early stages.

Retrospectively, working with Frank Petermann was fruitful in many ways: setting up two 'integrative' companies, that employ people with a disadvantage on the job market, in the metal working industry so rapidly and successfully, and with an efficiency that is unparalleled in Germany, would not have been possible without our talks. Even the balance between myself and my sons and my wife has improved noticeably. Even my leisure time, as little of it as there is, is filled with activities I find deeply satisfying. Mr. Petermann has taken care that everything I do flourishes.»

Peter Speckhahn-Hass, Managing Director
DIP-GmbH und Di.HAKO-Tech GmbH
Bad Oldeslohe

Robert Thyssen is happy to say:

«Mr. Petermann was recommended to me as a consultant and coach at a time when I was forced to make difficult and personally painful business decision. Even before the actual decision making process, his advice was a big help in disentangling my actual problems and requirements - making them visible, to start with.

During the ensuing process of terminating a professional partnership and giving up my position as managing director of a medium-sized transport company, his coaching was crucial for uncovering hidden experiences and making something of them for myself.

As a consequence, I was able to take up a new career that is both fulfilling and promising. Today, I feel more at ease and in a better position than ever before. I didn't think this would be possible at first.

I don't have a clear picture of Frank Petermann or his methods, but without his level-headed friendliness, his impartiality and his perseverance, it would probably not have went as well. I do not wish these difficult times back, but in hindsight I am glad I have met Frank Petermann.»

Robert Thyssen, CEP-Research Manager
ITA Logistics GmbH
www.ita-logistics.com www.cep-research.com www.letmeship.com

Michael Stachow recounts:

«I worked as a specialist surgeon in a medium-sized hospital for many years. With the clear option of becoming head physician soon. But my professional environment changed suddenly, dramatically and unpredictably. I was so tied up in my work, I may have disregarded some inauspicious constellations at the time.

For reasons of discretion I cannot go into detail, but my motivation plummeted. I was surprised by my own, strong reaction; I had doubts about myself and was seeking advice.

I met Frank Petermann via a recommendation. I immediately felt relieved after the first session, my self-doubt was wiped out. Mr. Petermann grasped the complex interrelations between my professional environment and my personality very quickly and made them accessible to me. I finally decided for a career change, and very soon after that I was afforded an interesting offer, that soon became more specific.

I again returned to Frank Petermann to discuss strategic aspects and personal predispositions, and it only took a few sessions to restore my confidence and lay out my personal 'career map'. I am glad that I work in an executive position that reflects my professional experience and skills today. For this I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.»

Dr. Michael Stachow, Surgery Head Physician
Elbekliniken Hamburg

Holger Karstens reports:

«We are a consultancy that focuses on medium-sized enterprises. We offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services in the field of corporate concepts, restructuring and the determination of a company's position. We specialized on the medium-sized companies sector 12 years ago. Today, we are one of the established consultancies in Northern Germany.

We have regularly called in Frank Petermann as an external specialist when the staffing situation was difficult to assess, or when a corporate merger or the repositioning of a company required solving problems related to the company's core business, or to brand or corporate identity. We sought Frank Petermann's advice both internally as well as in sending him to our customers.

Frank Petermann enjoys an excellent reputation with our customers, even with those that are skeptic about soft skills. His way of working in leadership development, merger workshops or individual coaching is considered brilliant, unusual, sometimes challenging, and returns excellent results and a growing level of trust.

His workshops have an impact that trigger processes that create tangible and sustainable development and complement our consultancy work in best synergy. Whenever there is a demand for first-class coaching at CEO or management board level, Frank Petermann belongs to our pool of top specialists. Personally, I have come to appreciate his cordial, spot-on manner greatly.

We discuss HR measures and settings with him internally; we appreciate his profound knowledge of the HR consultancy and psychology scene and his good judgment of training courses, methods and people.»

Holger Karstens, Managing Director
profunda Business Consultance GmbH, Hamburg