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Drte Inselmann recapitulates:

I have worked with Frank Petermann for more than ten years now. The diversity of his skills and his unerring power of judgment are qualities I have never encountered anywhere else before.

Over the past years, while the complexity of my tasks as a manager of a former district cultural project grew and the project turned into a fully-fledged organization with five own brands, Frank Petermann has always unflinchingly drawn my attention to fundamental issues and necessary steps of development.

He has supported me and our company in terms of the development of the organization, its mission statement and its brands, in terms of advice on individual management and staff issues as well as through continuous coaching and on-the-job trainings.

It was a very enjoyable experience for me even when stress levels peaked, and it helped me to make use of, extend and efficiently develop the potential of every single staff member in the company. Today, I regard Frank Petermann as my most important critic and an expert on 'next steps' of development. He is inextricably linked with the development of my personal undertakings and career.

I have often recommended Frank Petermann to companies or individuals I feel close to when it was important that things 'work out'. They always have. Which doesn't surprise me, it simply adds to the positive summary of our cooperation.

His spontaneous sense of humor, his sure feeling for potential, developments and 'home-made' barriers and, last but not least, his outstanding achievements are why I always come back to him and recommend him for organizational development work, coaching and consultancy services.

Drte Inselmann, Managing Director and Art Director
Kulturpalast im Wasserwerk e.V., Hamburg
www.kultur-palast.de www.klangstrolche.de www.hiphopacademy-hamburg.de
BilleVue GbR www.billevue.de
Head of the Management Board STADTKULTUR HAMBURG e.V.

Rainer Hirsch pays a compliment:

I often have to deal with delicate situations in my role as a trainer or as part of my job on the works council. From all the experts I occasionally discuss complex situations with, Frank Petermann is the one I have particularly good memories of.

In just two intense sessions with him I learned more about group processes than in many seminars before. I find the combination of his sharp mind and his no-fuss friendliness inspiring until today. Ever since, workgroups are a field I can act confidently in and without 'accidents'.

Rainer Hirsch
Broadcaster and -Radio Editor, Hamburg

Christiane Mundhenk discovers:

I only started working with Frank Petermann six months ago, but what impressed me from the start was his extraordinary ability to instantly grasp the crux of a matter. Whenever there is a need to unveil the real issues behind a statement, to bring up things for discussion that are concealed or subconscious, anything that blocks development, Frank Petermann has a unique ability of finding ways and means.

His attentiveness, which is never obtrusive, and his calm and authentic charisma create an aura of competence in the talks with him. This very rapidly creates an atmosphere of trust, which is necessary to enable the individual development of one's attitude and behavior. In the ten years of my career as an HR development specialist, I have never previously experienced such 'quantum leaps' in personal development.

In future, I am certain that Mr. Petermann will still be at the top of our list of external specialists for targeted HR or organizational measures, sustainable development and continuous improvement.

Christiane Mundhenk, Leadership & Employee Development Manager
Lilly Pharma Holding GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Claudia Leske is pleased:

KARSTADT AG offered me a position as Director of the Alsterhaus department store in Hamburg, which included taking care of its renovation and complete re-design as project manager. I was immediately drawn to this challenging task. The famous department store on Hamburg's Jungfernstieg has a long tradition, but remodelling its slightly shopworn 70s feel to a more contemporary one was both a complex and risky task. The only way I could set the course for success was by ensuring I had the required authority and the best internal consultants around me. And what we achieved was an overwhelming success, which made many people happy, including myself.

Frank Petermann was recommended to me by a board member I am friends with as an external authority to supervise the overall process. It did not take us long to agree on the principal strategies in a backstage meeting, and I still clearly remember his instructive advice on brand synergies. What can you change and which are the "sacred cows" - key identity features of the Alsterhaus - that mustn't be touched? There are so many opinions on what makes up these key features! My gut feelings had all been right. Good to know! We started off by swiftly clarifying all branding matters. But as time went by, my one-to-one talks with Frank Petermann became almost an essential; his quick apprehension and deep understanding of staff situation and his broad and profound knowledge were a constant inspiration for me.

Frank Petermann's perception of individuals, the "whole" that they make up and how they harmonise, is incorruptable. He swiftly recognises potentially dangerous dynamics of change and has to-the-point communication strategies in hand for their resolution, seemingly off the cuff. Even so for extremely sensitive situations with indispensable members.

That was a huge boon for me, which gave me strength over the long term. Frank Petermann turned out to be a highly competent partner in dialogue for me, never intrusive, but who made a huge impact.

I enjoy thinking back to this turbulent time and memories come back as I write. Frank Petermann's consistent calm and his unique way of bringing an issue to the point, of clearly laying out even complex situations in just a couple of sentences, had the additional effect of making me enjoy my personal success even more. Knowing he was there in the background and I could talk to him made my actions with far-reaching consequences feel all the more rewarding thank you, once again, for all that.

Claudia Leske, Managing Director
Alsterhaus Hamburg
A KARSTADT Premium GmbH business

Martin Rump explains:

As an internal consultant to a large youth welfare institution, I have overlooked the work of teams and individuals supervised by Frank Petermann for several years now.

The outcome of his supervision is characterized by great clarity and professionalism. His analytical skills, his high efficiency, target-orientation and his high esteem for his clients are trademarks of his work.

Seemingly effortless, Frank Petermann leads teams to a development that clearly bears his handwriting. Which is paradox, in a way: you would want to call it "typical of Petermann" - but there is no manipulation involved:

If you go for supervision by Petermann, you will usually gain significantly in terms of personal and professional confidence, both with regard to a specific professional mandate as well as concerning the integration into the mission statement and organizational structure of an organization.

I believe the sustainable added value this creates makes Frank Petermann's supervision an excellent investment, not only in view of the high personal and professional benefit, but also from an economic point of view.

Martin Rump, Psychologist and Head of Counseling Department
SOS Children's Village Harksheide